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The Student2Student program gives high school students the chance to serve as mentors to younger middle or elementary school students. This gives the younger students a chance to consider all sorts of career options before they reach high school. High school mentors arrange a tour of their school for the younger students. Mentors representing each training program give brief presentations on their program. The younger students spend the day with their older mentors, and receive certificates of completion at the end of the tour.

The program can be expanded into an ongoing community service project, where high school students are matched with interested middle/elementary school students based on career interests. Local business and industry can be involved, too, contributing to a positive, enriching experience for all. The younger students, perhaps for the first time, will be receiving personal and professional guidance from their older peers, as well as from other members of the community. Everyone benefits from this important program. Business and industry gets the opportunity to positively influence its next generation of workers; high school students will gain greater self-esteem as they instruct the children; and the middle/elementary students will become more aware of their career options at an early age and will make important contacts, perhaps even important friends, to serve them in the years ahead.

Through this program, SkillsUSA is a “Commitment Maker” to Colin Powell’s organization, America’s Promise – The Alliance for Youth. To learn more about SkillsUSA’s involvement with America’s Promise, please visit SkillsUSA’s website. To view student and teacher comments regarding this mentoring program, scroll down the page or follow the links below.

Advisors: For a detailed guide on developing the Student2Student program in your school, please visit the Advisor’s Guide on SkillsUSA’s website.

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