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Advisor Engagement and Support

Chapter Advisor Handbook

This handbook is designed to assist SkillsUSA Massachusetts Chapter Advisors. Each chapter of the handbook is designed to provide all of the information necessary for successful participation in the activities of SkillsUSA Massachusetts.


This handbook includes general conference information and fee schedules.  It also includes the Program of Work to assist each chapter in planning their participation in the activities for the year.


Registration forms and the calendar of events are provided below.

SkillsUSA Massachusetts is proud to present our Chapter Advisor's Handbook in an all new digital publishing format. Our goal is to elevate the student/teacher literature experience through online publishing technology.


The digital publishing technology will allow for a much improved user experience which will allow for dynamic links to websites, email addresses, phone numbers and even videos. We hope this new approach to resources will enhance your experience.

Conference Participation Forms

SkillsUSA Championships  Career Competitions Participation Forms

Student Programs Submission Forms

Scholarship Forms

Local Chapter Information and Assistance Forms

SkillsUSA Massachusetts, Inc.
Calendar of Events
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