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National Voting Delegate

SkillsUSA is a student run organization, whereby student embers are charged with the responsibility of governing the affairs associated with the student constitution. In accordance with Article VIII, Section I of the SkillsUSA High School Division Constitution, SkillsUSA Massachusetts is entitled to student voting delegate commensurate with our membership to represent the views of our state association within the structure of the National House of Delegates.

Duties and responsibilities of the National House of Delegates include:
  • Enact bylaws, rules and regulations necessary for carrying out the affairs and activities of the organization

  • Elect National officers of the organization

  • Act upon items of business as requested by the National Executive Council and Board of Directors

SkillsUSA Massachusetts is represented at the National level by state officers and state officers elect, however, with a growing membership we find our state association able to offer the experience of service as a national delegate to other members. Members are encouraged to consider applying to become a National Voting Delegate. SkillsUSA Massachusetts will manage the selection process as described below to fill the remaining delegate seats for our state association.


Interested student members will be responsible for completing the enclosed paperwork and meeting all established criteria for the program. Students selected as delegate will be required to work with the current and incoming State Executive Council and are taking strides to help further SkillsUSA on a national level.

Members who apply to serve as a delegate must have a grade point average of a “C” or better in each class academic or trade. Delegate members are expected to attend one meeting prior to the National Leadership and Skills Conference, be able to travel to the National Leadership and Skills Conference to serve on the delegate team and must be able to fulfill all the duties assigned to delegates and be present for all delegate meetings during the National Leadership and Skills Conference.

Delegate service will conflict with contestant schedules during the National Conference. Therefore, students attending the national conference as contestants may not apply.

Important Information Deadline

Application must be postmarked by April 1st

Download the Application Form HERE!
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