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SkillsUSA and CareerSafe have joined forces to provide students with online youth-safety training authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Through this affordable, informative and innovative training, students learn to recognize potential safety and health hazards pertaining to all 16 national career clusters that can prepare students for college or a career pathway.

The course is designed in a flexible format that allows students to work at their own pace to truly conceptualize each module. It offers the convenience of a completely interactive, multi-modal, Youth-to-Youth learning experience that is easily implemented in the classroom.

CareerSafe offers a variety of low-cost workplace safety programs including OSHA 10-hour training designed for specific pathways. Students who complete the OSHA 10-hour courses receive an industry-recognized credential card from OSHA. The program covers core topics relevant to basic safety in any workplace, and the card adds a valuable credential that students can take into the job market.

The CareerSafe OSHA 10-hour course costs $25 per student. For every student who completes the course, a donation will be made to the SkillsUSA Foundation to support other SkillsUSA programs.


Learn more about CareerSafe or buy program vouchers for the course at:

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