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The SkillsUSA Framework, which impacts the lives of America’s future workforce through the development of personal, workplace, and technical skills grounded in academics, reveals how career and technical education programs and SkillsUSA are relevant in today’s economy. Pillars of the Framework include; innovative programming, quality instruction, and industry partnerships focused on preparing students to succeed at work and in life.    


Personal Skills

  •    Integrity

  •    Work Ethic

  •    Professionalism

  •    Responsibility

  •    Adaptability/Flexibility

  •    Self-Motivation


Workplace Skills

  •     Communication

  •     Decision Making

  •     Teamwork 

  •     Multicultural Sensitivity and Awareness

  •     Planning, Organizing and Management

  •     Leadership


Technical Skills Grounded in Academics

  •     Computer and Technology Literacy

  •      Job-Specific Skills

  •      Safety and Health

  •      Service Orientation

  •      Professional Development

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