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General Information

SkillsUSA Massachusetts hosts six District Conferences to determine the competitors for the Massachusetts SkillsUSA Championships. The conferences are held in late February to early March at selected locations in each district. To be eligible, a student must be a paid-in-full SkillsUSA member in good standing. In addition, all financial obligations the chapter has to the state must be paid-in-full (see Fiscal Policy and Procedures in Chapter 2).


The District Competition consists of a written SkillsUSA Employment Skills test and a written trade knowledge test. The Cosmetology Under 500, Esthetics and Nail Care models are not required to attend. Models may be chosen after the district SkillsUSA Championships. Please refer to the SkillsUSA Massachusetts Contest Details reference document, which can be found HERE for information on participation, entry requirements and submission details.

Each chapter is eligible to place three competitors in each skill category. The exception to the rule is 100% sections. If a program has 100% membership, four competitors may be entered in the contest. The fourth competitors attends the conference at half the cost. There will be a maximum of 12 high school competitors per event at the state level. In most cases, the top two qualifying scores, per district, will advance to the Massachusetts SkillsUSA Championships.

Conference Program (General Schedule)

10:00–11:00am Registration
11:05–11:45am Opening General Session
12:00–12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm Written events begin
2:30–4:30pm Activity Period
3:45–5:00pm Dinner
5:00–6:00pm Awards Ceremony
6:30pm Departure


Conference Costs *represent costs associated with virtual events

The cost for the conference includes the following items:

  • Pastry, coffee and tea for conference staff

  • Soft drinks, coffee and tea for advisors all day

  • Lunch for all conference participants and staff

  • Name tags, conference programs and participation certificates for all participants*

  • Appreciation certificates for host school staff, event managers and series directors

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals for the top three finalists in each area (Secondary & Post-Secondary)*

  • State Officer Candidate Awards*

  • Consumable items for written tests (i.e., pencils, score sheets) -

  • Purchase of written exams in all trade areas - Testing platform for virtual testing*

  • Appreciation awards for host schools

  • Dinner for all conference participants

  • Conference insurance for all participants*

The 2021 conference cost are:


$50.00 per student (contestants, state officer candidates, and observers)

$45.00 per adult (teacher, administrator, bus driver, other chaperone)

VIRTUAL (If required based on COVID-19 requirements at the time of registration) 

$35.00 per student (contestants, state officer candidates, and observers)

$0.00 per adult (teacher, administrator)

Dates and Locations

The individual dates and locations can be found in the Calendar of Events. Please consult the District Schools tab in the main menu for the district your chapter will participate in.

Conference Registration  

Please see registration instructions and worksheet contained in the “Registration Tools” folder on your Advisor’s Reference CD.

All registration for this conference will be accomplished through the SkillsUSA Massachusetts registration and member services site.

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