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General Conference Information

The Massachusetts State Leadership and Skills Conference featuring the Massachusetts SkillsUSA Championships - Career Competitions is the annual showcase of. occupational talent for students enrolled in vocational, technical and health education. In addition to the student and teacher participants, business and industry partners play a significant role in promoting the fundamental principles of career and technical education. The SkillsUSA Championships - Career Competitions also represent the talent pipeline for skilled trades offering employers the opportunity to see dedicated, motivated and skilled potential employees at work.


For a gathering of over 3,000 people to be a success, it is important that everyone know and respect the rules of the organization. Advisors and students should come to the conference prepared to fulfill their individual roles. Please carefully review the conference Information and adhere to all the requirements of the organization. Thank you for your continued involvement and best wishes for a successful conference.

Conference Dates: April 25-27, 2024

Please refer to the SkillsUSA Massachusetts Contest Locations and Venue Map, which can be found HERE for information on competition dates & locations.

Conference Costs

Students (Quad) $495.00/person

Students (Triple) $520.00/person

Teachers (Double) $580.00/person

Teachers (Single) $650.00/person


The per person conference costs include the following:

  • Meals: lunches, and judges and faculty lunches

  • General Sessions

  • Transportation to/from competition sites as required 

  • Medallions, trophies and certificates

  • Equipment rental

  • Entertainment

  • Conference insurance

  • Conference programs, T-Shirts & PPE

  • Conference staff and state officer expenses

  • Conference security

  • Industry awards

  • Stock, supplies & materials purchased for events & competitions

  • Promotional Materials


Code of Conduct/Ethics

This is a reminder that every conference attendee is required to sign the Registration, Personal and Liability Release Form (NLSC1), which includes the conference Code of Conduct. The SkillsUSA Massachusetts Code of Conduct must be reviewed with all student participants. The code of conduct will be enforced at all times. Violators of the code of conduct will be immediately disqualified from his/her event(s), medals removed if any awarded and immediately sent home. Chapters will collect and keep these required forms. SkillsUSA Massachusetts will provide a Group Acknowledgement Form which must be signed and provided to the state office prior to the date of competition. The current year's Group Acknowledgement Form can be found HERE.

SkillsUSA Massachusetts will provide conference security, in addition to the security provided by the hotel.

There has been very little trouble in the past due to the responsibility taken by each advisor for his/her student. This must continue to happen to prevent any problems. The image of career technical education can be damaged irreparably. Each advisor, section as well as school, is totally responsible for the students from their school. Please make sure that every adult from your school is aware that they are to be visible and participating in the conference.

Various activities are scheduled at all times during the conference, such that conference attendees are always involved in an event or activity, or in their rooms during curfew. Please see the yearly conference memo, sent to advisors in the spring before the state conference, for specifics on activities available to participants.

Please note that drug abuse and consumption of alcoholic beverages or narcotics—including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars and smoking/chewing tobacco—by any conference attendees are strictly forbidden and result in immediate disqualification of the participants and ejection from the conference.

Advisors are reminded that all adult participants (advisors, teachers, chaperones, etc.)—by filling out the Registration, Personal and Liability Release Form—have signed the Code of Conduct as well. If the students are expected to conform to a standard of behavior, it is only appropriate that adults also confirm to a high standard of behavior.

Identification Badges

Identification badges must be worn at all times. Due to the hotel being accessible to the public, any student not wearing a badge will be asked to leave by security. If a student is part of the conference, but forgot his/her badge, they will be asked to return to his/her hotel room with his/her advisor and retrieve it. If a student has lost his/her badge, it may be replaced at SkillsUSA conference headquarters or a Series Director for a new badge. The replacement cost for a badge is $1.00

Dress Codes

The General Sessions require official SkillsUSA dress (with blazer) or business-like dress. Under no circumstances will anyone be allowed in these sessions dressed in any other fashion. The dress for competition is dependent upon the specific contest. See the clothing requirements for the specific contest requirements in the State Technical Standard Manual. (Note: In most skill events the participants will wear the official state tee-shirt.) 


All conference participants must be provided transportation to/from the conference. No student will be allowed to bring their vehicle. For everyone’s safety, please, no student vehicles. At the chapter advisor’s discretion, advisors may bring their own vehicles. (Note: Each vehicle owner will be responsible for their own parking expenses.) 

Transportation between conference hotels and competition sites will be provided by SkillsUSA Massachusetts to all conference participants.

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