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Occupationally Related Events

Welcome contestants!  Thank-you for logging into the SkillsUSA Championships Career Competitions Learning Management Site (LMS) Below you will find all of the requirements for your specific competition which is part of the above named series. Please read all of the prompts and complete all of the requirements pertaining to your contest. The prompt will say (ALL CONTEST) for information required from every contestant and some contests will have additional requirements just for that contest.

ALL CONTESTS: Learn about what you should be doing BEFORE the competition and what to expect the DAY OF the competition by reading the Contest Overview

ALL CONTESTS: Learn about the details of your competition by viewing the Technical Standards

ALL CONTESTS: Upload your Occupationally Related Events competition resume here.

ALL CONTESTANTS IN COMMUNITY SERVICE, ENTREPRENEURSHIP & RELATED TECHNICAL MATH: Take your Employability Skills test here. Every contestant must take this test by April 22, 2024 at 5:00 PM. Team contests ALL team members must take the test.

CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTESTANT DO NOT NEED TO TAKE THIS EXAM. The requirement was fulfilled at the District Level.

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