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8-1-2022 - SkillsUSA Massachusetts - Our Time is Now

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2022-23 school year is: 

SkillsUSA: Our Time is Now

The topic to be addressed by contestants in the 2023 SkillsUSA Chapter Display,

Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions is our theme, “SkillsUSA: Our Time is Now.”

For more information on the 2022-2023 SkillsUSA Theme click HERE



To view and print a list of Major Events and Conferences for the 2022-2023 SkillsUSA Massachusetts program year, click HERE.

8-1-2022 - COVID-19 Enforcement and Compliance Statement

The COVID-19 public health emergency is an on-going threat to public health. SkillsUSA's events and conferences are being planned in compliance with the most complete and up to date information on enforcement and compliance policy and actions related to COVID-19 provide the public, the education community and the business & industry community. Given the rapid evolution of COVID-19 data, procedures and requirements, the information published on this site is 'as of this date' and is subject to significant change including pivoting to hybrid or virtual activities and conferences or cancellations. This information will be updated as circumstances require.

SkillsUSA Massachusetts has two staff members who are certified COVID Compliance Officers. These staff members will lead the organization's compliance efforts and manage on-site COVID protocols for all conferences, events and meetings.

8-1-2022 - SkillsUSA Massachusetts - Updated COVID-19 Information & Masking Policy 8-1-2022

All schools are required to be in-person, full-time, five days a week. Masks are no longer required indoors or while using school transportation. However, school districts may decide whether to lift or maintain local mask requirements on buses or vans. Vaccines have been approved for everyone 5 years old and over and schools can participate in three state-funded testing programs.


SkillsUSA Massachusetts conferences are planned as in-person events for the 2022-2023 school year. District Qualifying Events will continue to be presented as on-line qualifying exams. Every SkillsUSA participant is expected to maintain an environment of mutual respect for all individuals regardless of their individual decision on masking.


SkillsUSA Massachusetts reserves the right, at the discretion of the Executive Director and Board of Directors, to reinstate a mask mandate if an increase in COVID-19 cases or transmissions is detected and/or if it is required by local, state, or federal agencies.

8-1-2022- ANNOUNCEMENT - Support SkillsUSA Massachusetts while Shopping at Amazon


Shopping is always easy with Amazon. #StartWithaSmile at for your shopping and Amazon donates to Skills USA Massachusetts.







































3-22-2023 - State Technical Standards Are Available NOW!

The 2023 State Technical Standards have been released and are available HERE. All contestants should review the Technical Standard for their competition. Success in the SkillsUSA Championships depends on adherence to the standards. Good Luck to all contestants.

State Technical Standards graphic_23.png
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